Exceptional Television and Video Production

  • Gym Thumbnail

    The Quest for ‘Wellness’

    When a chain of upscale fitness centers was about to open a new gym, Paul Budline Productions produced a 12-minute video about the centers and their focus on “wellness.”

  • Bio Thumbnail

    A&E Biography

    The A&E Network commissioned us to write and produce eight hour-long Biography programs on subjects that included Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Edison, George Washington, and others.  This is an excerpt from the Biography of Tennessee Williams.

  • posters-cotton_02

    Cotton Innovation

    Cotton Incorporated has hired us to create many videos for varied purposes.  This 11-minute piece looks at innovative ways the cotton plant is used, such as for insulation, packing, and even as a food source.

  • posters_board_governance

    NYSE Governance Services

    For the past dozen years, we have produced The Board Governance Series for the New York Stock Exchange.  The series invites leading figures in corporate governance to advise board members on various topics.

  • posters_cotton_water

    Cotton & Water

    Cotton Incorporated also commissioned Paul Budline Productions to produce a video about the global challenge of producing crops and creating textiles while using less water.

  • Crisis thumbnail

    Crisis Ministry of Trenton

    The non-profit Crisis Ministry challenged us to create a stirring video on a very limited budget.  The 9-minute piece has helped spread the word about the Ministry, its mission, and its remarkable success.

  • History thumbnail

    The History Channel

    When The History Channel wanted to turn the book “Kennedy & Nixon” into a one-hour TV documentary, the network turned to Paul Budline Productions.  This is an excerpt from that History Channel special.

  • posters_mls_laser

    Cutting Edge

    Cutting Edge, which makes high-end lasers for medical treatments, has hired us to create various videos about its products.  This 4-minute segment, aimed at physicians, focuses on the laser’s ability to alleviate pain.

  • TCC Thumbnail

    Trenton Children’s Chorus

    The Trenton Children’s Chorus, needing to create a video on a tight budget, turned to Paul Budline Productions.  This 6-minute piece lays out the program’s ambitious goals and incredible results.